I  want to show how I build main parts of my models. On this page you can see how I made front part for F1Q model. This is new aluminium mould. The same technology I use for making front part for F1J and F1P models. Only few differences - front part for F1J/F1P and mold for it is smaller ans made from epoxy resin.

First step. Prepearing material, I use 200g/sq.m carbon outside layer, 160g/sq.m carbon inner layer and 100g/sq.m carbon extra inner layer for strengthening  . Click on the photo to see full size image!


On the left you can see three parts, which mould internal space of the detail. 


Second step. Using L-285 epoxy resin I impregnate material, cut carbon in accordance with the form of detail, put it into the mold. Then turn 160g/sq.m carbon around three internal parts and put carbon piece on the top of detail. 



Third step. Put internal parts into the main mold. As you can see on photo, upper and lower joint on detail have overcloak of the carbon fiber and continious laer of cabon fiber. It guarantee strength of detail.  

Fourth step. Taking to pieces I made through front hole of the detail. Three internal pieces have dimentions that make possible this operation.


The mold for F1Q/F1P rudder. Mold for F1J rudder have the same design, but smaller.


Aluminium mold for F1P (left) and F1J/F1Q stab mount.