Model F1P (without engine)___________________________________570
Model F1J (without engine)___________________________________600
Model F1Q (without engine,timer, with one servo, straight climb)_____550

Model F1Q (without engine, timer, with two servo, spiral climb)______600

Model F1Q complete (with "Sidus" timer)__________________ask for price

Model F1J complete (with "Sidus" timer)___________________ask for price

Wings F1P (covered by micafilm)______________________________270
Wings F1J or F1Q (6-panel,covered micafilm or microlite)___________290
Timer mechanical for F1P or F1J_______________________________50
Stabilizer F1J F1P F1Q(covered by silver mylar)____________________60
Fuzelage F1J_______________________________________________270

Fuzelage F1P_______________________________________________250
Fuzelage F1Q (without timer,with one servo)______________________250

Fuselage F1Q (without timer,with two servo)______________________280

Bunt mechanism F1J or F1Q___________________________________30
Folding prop  F1Q 12x4 (adgust pitch to 6")______________________50

Folding prop  F1J or F1P 147mm x 70mm _______________________35

Engine "Fora" 1cc __________________________________________150


All price in USD 


Price of the model without engine! This price don't contain cost of many small parts, contact with me if you need it!

FREE SHIPPING if you buy complete model!

Shipping cost for parts and wings depend from shipping destination, from 5$ to 30$.(contact with me for quote)

Sorry, but fuselage for F1Q model is so long and need extra shipping cost.

Most convenient payment methods is bank transfer or westerunion money transfer.